A five hour coach trip to Ha Long Bay was rewarded by a memorable boat ride with incredible food cooked and served on board, while travelling through stunning natural wonders, stops to explore cave and stupendous caverns.


Ever since I knew I would be coming to Vietnam , Ha Long Bay was one of the locations I really wanted to explore and capture on camera. It’s a wonderland of beautiful coves and hidden bays. A floating village that once again makes the unaccustomed marvel at the ingenuity the local peoples have applied to living with their unique habitat. One minor whinge is that because of the nature of the trip I.e. ‘package’ everything is strictly time allotted, so in the case of Ha Long, most was seen only from aboard the boat, but there a pleasurable hour spent on a god created beach ideal for swimming and kayaking for the more adventurous.

In all there was two wonderful days spent aboard the boat, but again the ‘package’ aspect of the trip did restrict one’s own inclinations. Thankfully, the weather allowed the camera to do some work. Because of the ‘time’ demon that hung around every trip or excursion it is inevitable that places and sights don’t get the attention I would like to have given them, but its what it was and I just had to make the best out of every different situation, grumbling and all.

Ha Long I would love to return too one day, but to explore at my own pace and under the guidance of my own imagination and inclinations. On the earth the whole of Ha Long deserve World Heritage status, it worth it and the protection such status provide. I felt somehow short-changed by fate as left and headed back to Hanoi, but what I saw and felt will remain with me forever.

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