April 24th 2016 our courageous band called ‘Fotographic Four’ gathered and went into battle, the area was cleared of clutter,  it took quite a few hours but we did it. Next came measuring and the mounting of all our various pieces of work, along hard day but at last we were ready, the Exhibition would open the next day, duties were assigned, one of us four artists would be on site throughout the exhibition, Simon and Stavros managed to locate a brewery and cost us £80. They did a very good deal. Bar area was soon in operation, light refreshments were also made available, program notes were available as well as book for any comments or wisdom should a member of the viewing public wish to leave was available also.  Some pre-Exhibition work had also been put into operation, a poster using Risograph, for the event (Connor & myself), custom designed invitations (Connor).
The Private View, held between the hours of 4pm and 7pm was on the 27th of April 2016.

Now, it is time for this artist to blow her own trumpet, my contributions to the Exhibition. Inspiration I took from such a wide spectrum of different artists with varying degrees of influence, the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto is a major influence, in conception and creation he play’s a role.  Joan Fontcuberta, Peter Kennard and Marina Abramovic are artists who have, and still influence my own work.

What i take from these artists is a desire to create, a fusion of seemingly utter simplicity using photography and performance with which to take a sometimes critical, sometimes angry, sometimes loving, sometimes even humorous, but hopefully always unique view of the world we live in, its joys, its complexities and the problems we make for it and ourselves. It is my intent to make each of my work and its processes to bring forth a specific issue to the fore of the viewers mind. I want my work to capture the viewer, if necessary, take them prisoner for that moment, so as to let them look without the confines of their own usual perceptions, so hopefully approach an issue from a new point of origin. I hope to stimulate the viewer’s thought process using new forms of art and expression, applying these mediums to global themes that are, or should be, a concern to us all. Art, politics, conservation, society are all threads I want to weave my work around and in and out of.
I offer you an example,the Joan Fontcuberta work titled “Sputnik” a theory concerning the fabricated evidence that surrounds the truth, or illusion, that the Soviet Cosmonaut Ivan Istochnikov who crewed the Soyuz 11 spacecraft when it disappeared. The matter has been speculated about ever since, was it true was it all fiction??
“Luminous Ether” & “Pay No Intention To That Man Behind the Pineapple” is a somewhat comical look at a world in the ever tightening vice like grip of the Illuminati. (Zbigniew Brzezinski)  The world, in all its current confusion and chaos is fuel enough for a long time to come, and whenever was taking a different, even awkward look at something ever not worthwhile.

At our Exhibition’s Private View, we were blessed with many amazing visitors, friends and family, tutors, and Year Three students, a special mention for  tutor’s Nigel Grimmer, Rose Thomas, Mo Lea, The Head of Art & Design Davies Colin and so many more, a huge amount of gratitude is owed to you all.

Having reached this stage of the Exhibition I must admit to being delighted with how its been met by all those who have come along, over 45 guests to the Private Viewing alone !! A wonderful atmosphere, warm and so supportive, you don’t know just how much it is truly appreciated.All of the exhibiting artists received positive feedback from people, some they knew, some they know now, The book left for Visitor’s Comments is well used and contains some wonderful input, again, many thanks from all four of us.


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