I was absent from the third class of the Drawing Workshop, which was regrettable, but unavoidable. Generously, two of my fellow students, Simon and Stavros gave me a brief  synopsis of the class, apparently,the class were shown black & white landscape drawings projected onto paper, then asked what they were feeling while looking at the them.
Also, analysed was, how and what attracts the viewer’s eye when studying an image, this of course related to the ‘rule of four’ the point of attraction in an image, which then led to the ‘rule of thirds’ which i a basic guideline when composing a visual image, the division of the stages when a visual image is created, background foreground ..in photography. The viewer’s eye can also be attracted to the area of an image, where the area is brighter:

Finally the class looked at symbolism in an image, if an elementary reference is required, the inclusion of water, lake,river .. or, maybe its a sense of stability by using images of family values that the artist wants to evoke, so the inclusion of a dwelling, house,but if the said dwelling is built from inferior materials or poorly constructed or located, this stability is then under threat.

Following this tutorial, the class were asked to create similar landscape images they had been shown earlier. They were also asked to express their feelings using symbolism in their work, but never forgetting the ways and means to attract the viewer and capture their attention. The class were advised to keep their idea’s simple and to the forefront of their work, while creating a visual ambiance, or atmospheric imagery to enhance their idea.
I have to say, I really wish I had not missed this class, it sounded useful and thought provoking, challenging the student to explore themselves and their creativity. But many thanks to Simon and Stavros for their kind assistance, in one way, seeing a class through another’s eyes is quite interesting in its own way.

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