1.Second Drawing Class – 14th March, at which we had a selection of sea shells, different shapes and sizes which we studied, also the lighting of the shells themselves, some, in places were very lightly coloured with a glossy surface while other shells were dark and had a rough surface.

We also analysed how our eyes are attracted to certain features on or about the shells, what attracted our eye and why. This led onto the rule of the four attracting points of an image, better known as the Rule of thirds, it is a guideline for the the composition of visual images. Basically, the image is divided into nine equal parts, the division lines being two horizontal and two vertical lines equally spaced.Then what are judged to be important compositional features should be situated along theses lines or at junctions whereby the lines cross one another. This is said to create tension, and vitality to the image rather than just centring the main compositional object central in the image.
Our eyes, can be attracted by such as an area of a subject or object that is brighter than the rest, as shown in the following example:

Again, this class was very enjoyable for me. It made me appreciate the fact that studying of the drawings at the beginning can provide inspiration , I also came to realise how important the blank or empty part of a drawing can be essential, and control of these blank areas of the paper on which we intend to use for the drawing.

2.Exhibition space:

This week, on March 18th, our group went to talk about a proposed exhibition space, the Hat Factory with the venue’s manager Mrs Caroline Wallace. We were very fortunate, since a lot of effort and energy not to mention time had been exhausted in previous viewings of other locations, including the Hat Factory, when we eventually found a suitable, and affordable space at called Flamingo Arts, 92 High Town, Luton, for the dates April 22 to April 29th, a week in total. The venue is used for art workshops, and has a suitable space at the front of the venue that we can use for displaying our group’s work.

3. Studio work on our promotional poster:


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