On March 11th 2016, as part of our Skill Sets course, at a tutorial given by Lea Mo, the tutorial was concerning Networking Skills set. Representing our class from 2nd Year Photography and Video Art course were Conor, Simon, Stavros and myself. I believe I can honestly state that all of us enjoyed this class, finding it not only enjoyable and interesting, but a challenge in areas of our personalities that maybe some of us had not thought about before. Such as the way we move, the stances we make with our body and how it is related to the individual’s personality. Our tutor Lea Mo gave us her opinion concerning our posture, gestures, all were analysed and reviewed with each of us.

The exercise involved discovering and learning various ways to express ourselves and our work, we given a sheet on which were a selection of different characters:

The king who speaks wisely, a hero who speaks without fear, a mother who is caring,an innocent who speaks with honesty and humility, a trickster who enjoys manipulating his audience and finally a fool who likes nothing more than using his humor at every opportunity while speaking. Next, each of us faced a camera and had to answer 2 questions within a 1 minute time limit. After which we watched a play-back of our efforts but without sound, which proved, at moments, to be quite strange, but insightful.

We discovered how our body stances, movements and poses are all related to the individuals own personality, our tutor Lea Mo gave us all individual assessments, with analysis and review of posture, stances and movements.

In conclusion, the networking tutorial was enlightening in several areas, especially when it came to building up an individual’s confidence for the occasion, should it ever arise, when he or she has to address a large audience to talk about their work.

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