Following the critique of our Cut-Up Project, we were assigned a new task, The new assignment is probably the most important of this, the second year of my course in Photography and Video Art. Mainly, because it challenges us to organise, plan and create an exhibition at which we will exhibit two of the projects we have completed this year.   Firstly, we have to divide the class into two groups, after a lengthy debate, it was agreed to split the class in one group consisting of myself and three males, the other group, all girl group of 4. Hence, its three male classmates, next followed discussions as to what projects we would like to show, for myself, I chose my Performative Portraits Project, and also the Cut-Up Project.
After everyone in the group had made their own selections of what we wanted to exhibit, we had discussions with our tutors Nigel and Jasmine, on what we had chosen to show and how we would go about planning the exhibition.
Some of experimentation during this week:
Gratitude to Anna and Joseph from  Print Studio for laser cutting and printing.

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