Firstly, as we debate on the location of the exhibition the first suggestion  was a location called the Hat Factory, also discussed was the possibility of exhibiting in a space in the shopping Mall, a shopping center in Luton, where there were empty retail units, an excellent strategic position with the accompanying busy stream of people. The Hat Factory is the preferred choice for all the group, with the Mall as back-up.

However, if the Hat Factory turned out not to be an option, then we needed to have an alternative Plan B, and C, therefore we decided to scout Luton for other suitable locations.

On first hearing about the exhibition, I had originally considered on putting the exhibition on in London, but our brief made it clear that Luton had to be the location, owing to the University location in the town, and it made sense that for the sake of the audience and tutors, who would be invited to the exhibition, it should be within reasonable travel distance of the University and town.

After I had a tutorial with Nigel and Jasmine where we talked about the work I had decided I wanted to show, they both agreed with me on my selection of my Performative Portraits Project,  and the Cut-Up Project. Both tutors advised on an A3 format for my work to be  exhibited.

On March 4th with my team mates we went to visit the Hat Factory location, where I met Mrs Caroline, the manager who gave us a tour of the location, it looked like an excellent space for what our exhibition needed. Later on the same day, we looked at spaces outside the Mall, there was Jazz & Blues night club, but unfortunately was closed that day. We did find a building that was not in use, took note of the owners details with the intention of making further inquiries.Next the group had to decide who would be responsible for the renting, or booking of the eventual venue or space, for our sins Connor and myself were nominated and promised to keep the others informed by sharing any communications, correspondence with booking the location via email etc. As a final thought, it would be ideal if we could, if at all possible, locate or learn of a free venue or space as an option, our fingers are collectively crossed, I will suggest all of us in the group pursue this option.

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