As part of the Skill Set Project, drawing is one of the workshops we have to attend in order to expand our own individual artistic skills, and some experimentation tips. Fist class on 7th March concerned drawing a geometrical shape, firstly by copying the same drawing we were given. A further task was to draw the same geometrical shade but only using shades and not lines.

Left side is original                                                   Right side is my copy


In detail it looks:


The first class we were all sat together at one large table, with a musical background and we were given exactly 30 minutes in which to draw the image.



Next, still seated around the large table we started a new exercise, in which our tutor changed the composition, our goal was too, within 45 minutes only, draw the whole or part of the composition without lines, using only shades and shadow.

Personally, I found this exercise funny, but interesting, by letting myself be led by my fingers and graphic pen only, the results were,of course of a random nature, but it was fun and the unexpected element was very interesting.

Following are the drawings from the class in which I took part:




Overall, I think the drawing workshop was a good experience, fun, chilled and not a little childish, but I think that’s what made me relate to it more, after all, they are those who say art is an opportunity to play with a multitude of tools and techniques, much as we would do with toys in our childhoods. It was quite an occasion to follow our instincts and while not possessing memorable drawing skills the nature f the class did not leave me feeling in any way inadequate because of it.

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