On the February 18th 2016 I present a work I have called “Fireside Talks”
The work is in a video format, the ambience I wanted to create within the bleak, lonely image of a non-social setting and decided that using only black & white captured this. Along with the video I also included the notes of my tutor Jasmine Johnson and the various ideas that had been instrumental in all the previous video’s.


I had been encouraged to reframe the  video using a ‘frame within frame’ and using a different environment in which I should re-shoot the video. The idea of using a nature setting then led to my idea of using my young daughter in the video, and the passing of knowledge from one generation to future generation, after which I decided on giving the video a new, more apt title, and came up with “Message From A Grandfather”

As I had done previously I based the work from my idea of  conversations, story-telling taking place while seated around a fire. In a previous experiment I found the effect of the negative/blue flames, a new-age fire effect that I liked a great deal and thought it would provide a good visual contrast to a soundtrack featuring the voice of the renowned scientist Bruce Lipton as gave a speech concerning quantum physics and spirituality.

The idea of reframing the video using nature as a setting proved both inspiring and challenging. The background nature frames a child sat alone at a fire with nothing but an open lap-top, this image I hope would make the viewer consider the lone child’s alienation, and the story that was being via the lap-top. I want to bring the viewer into the visual landscape, to feel the child’s alienation and consider the narrative of what is coming from the lap-top.

Its difficult to say exactly where the idea came from as to how I wanted to show this work, but it was the result of visiting several exhibitions beforehand, and I believe these helped contribute to the way I decided to present my work. I wanted my work to be an encounter for the viewer, to approach it, meet it and visually and mentally join it with it.

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