Last time I presented my video ‘ Fireside Talks’ where the voices of various talk about the subject of ‘consciousness’  In addition I also presented a summary of my ideas that contributed to the making of a second video. I received lots of encouragement for all my ideas but there seemed to be one, that the class and tutor were recommending more than others, I decided to follow this critique and shoot another video, with the theme being  of story telling sat around a fire.
At this point I don’t really know if I will pursue the other ideas because I want too dedicate my efforts on research and preparations so as to create a video strong in quality. Time will be the deciding factor as to whether my other ideas/ or some of them, will come to fruition.
I see this idea, ‘Fireside Talks’ as an ideal opportunity for further research and increase my own knowledge of some of the scientists, and ‘spiritual’ commentators on quantum physics, atoms, epigenetic, memory, water and fire, spirituality. I have already discovered so much about the significance of fire to various civilisations throughout mankind’s history, and in so many other abstract ways, many cultures have always regarded fire as both a spiritual and wisdom symbol. I feel as if more research into this will add further substance to the work.
My first experiment will feature a speech given by Bruce H. Lipton PHD, who is a recognised authority on bridging science and the human spirit.

Dr Lipton began his career in science as a cell biologist, before in 1982 he began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might possibly be integrated into his understanding of a cell’s information processing system’s. He produced a groundbreaking study on the cell’s membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of the computer-chip, in other word’s, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. His research revealed that the environment operating throughout the membrane controlled both the physiology and behaviour of the cell, in effect, an on/off switch for the genes. Which, at the time was counter to the accepted scientific theory that life was controlled by the genes, this was a warning to one of today’s most important fields of scientific study, the science of epigenetic. Two subsequent major scientific publications derived from Lipton’s studies defined that the molecular pathways connecting the mind to the body. Many scientific studies have gone on to validate Lipton’s concepts and ideas. Dr Lipton’s original approach to science had implications for his own spiritual mindset,, his deepened understanding of cell biology highlighted the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions, implying the existence of an immortal spirit.


Fire holds a pivotal position in mankind’s experience,  Gaston Bachelard in ‘Psychoanalysis of Fire’ he writes “ fire has been an occasion for unforgettable memories’  and that there is a … “ slightly hypnotised condition , that is constantly consistent in all fire watchers “  This hypnotised condition is related to a state of ‘reverie’ … the reverie in front of the fire, the gentle reverie that is conscious of its wellbeing, is the most naturally centred reverie. It may be counted among those which best hold fast to their object or, if one prefers, to their pretext”
To Bachelard, fire is a the prime element of reverie. “If fire” he says “was taken to be a constituent element of the Universe , is it not because it is an element of human thought, the rime element of reverie ?” It is almost certain Bachelard says that, fire is precisely the first object, the first phenomenon, on which the human mind reflected”  Interestingly enough, a number of modern observers have compared television, laptop, monitors to fire-calling it the “electronic fireplace” Fire is also related to the process of change . Bachelard notes that slow change is defined by the slow process of life and quick change is defined by fire. As he notes, “ fire suggests the desire to change, to speed up the passage of time, to bring all life to its conclusion, to its hereafter.

I have managed to put together the materials I like to use:



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