Through Ljupco Mitkovski’s collages and their effect in our ways of seeing, the book intends to explore and make different artistic forms, from photography, cinema, music scene, paintings, design etc.

Ljupco collects and re-uses pictures, natural and artificial materials, supports from old magazines or papers, engaging them in a vision that occurs directly in the hand, so they are becoming more physical. Ljupco Mitkovski gives new meaning and life to what is for recycling, saving the memory in different way, with new narration that combine intimacy and therefore his work is about memory.

Ljupco Mitkovski’s work calls to mind the techniques of photomontage, using the cut up technique. Keeping in mind the collages’ aesthetic content, the book takes inspiration from his sensitivity. He has been trying to focus its attention on all elements of the collages, such as the cut up photographs,post cards, bandages,stones, old negatives, tickets,types,folia,coins, metal and with natural paints – painting by his finger.
Ljupco Mitkovski’s collage fragments are evocative as scripts and also interact series of unfinished stories…

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