Video Project ‘Voice’ has been very rich in terms of learning editing programs and techniques. The themes that I have taken on in order to fulfil the task led me to a lot of challenges through learning the editing process and new programs/ technologies. (Premiere Pro, iMovie and Final Cut Pro)

The result of my research led me to deep analyse from various historical, philosophical and sociological points of views such as the evolution of technology and its consequence in our behaviour, but also the different philosophies of life and the many interpretations of mythologies among  different cultures.

Recommended by my tutor Jasmine Johnson the video about the structuralist Claude Levi-Strauss:

Also the book by Jared Diamond ‘The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?’ were very helpful in the process of my understanding and learning.
Triestes Tropiques  by Claude Levi-Strauss was also recommended to read, but I didn’t have enough time for reading.
The task around second Video Project also helped me to improve my skills in editing and to find and filter the materials I needed. Being given the task early with, alongside the journey, an extra time was given and offering me the opportunity to make a second video which I have found better than my first one because I had the time to consider the critics that my first video received.

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