This project has been and it’s still a difficult experience  for me as I feel I put a lots of effort into this project but, I did not go to the right direction and I hope it is not too late now, after I figured it out.
My first mistake was to decide to make a video to show the collage book of one unknown artist from Macedonia, for the footage. It was negative critic from my tutors Nigel Grimmer and Hannah, last Tuesday on 5th January 2016. Its became far too more complicated to carry out with this Project and the final outcome its not good as I thought it would be mainly because I’ve made to much work and I tend to follow the wrong path in that project and I’ve made it more difficult to change it as it was too far in the process with another images which I’ve made.
I believe I was too ambitious for the third project of the year and I should stick to a series of photographs with a more classy theme.

Although the feedback I received was mainly negative, I think it was a good kick for me and very welcome as it made me  change my way of thinking about my work.

presentation 12:01:2016

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