During the last class on 23 November, I introduce three different ideas. We were told  to choose one of the idea, considering the feedback I received at the last presentation.

cut up
In short, from the feedback I had received,  I was encouraged to develop two of my ideas :
The First idea, was a development of a previous project ‘Performative Portraits’ I have started in October. I was inspired by results of screen printing and the work when it’s look as painted photograph.










I managed to develop a series of photograph I had taken in December 2015. I experimented with my camera to give a look inspired from cut up and adding things.

Finally I attempted to made different composition between different photographs.

Feedback for both project were positive, however due to the strong graphic and its political language of the second idea, it may become an difficult task to do and develop through the Christmas Holidays. I have decided to develop the first idea inspired from the work of Mari Mahr- http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/marimahr and I found it to have a better aesthetics, therefore I finally found it more exciting. I started the Cut up project in November 2015 and I believe that I’ll finished it until January 2016.

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