Our workshop in printing was given as part of our Cut Up Project. On this workshop we’ve learned a printing technique. It consisted to have the positive of a photograph, made of acetate, being placed upon a screen made of silk, and then exposed to the UV light through a machine. It is a process of using a mesh based design and to apply paint onto a base whether it be posters, t-shitrs,wood,bags or other material.

In our case the result was that the positive had been printed  upon the silk screen which is then washed into water. Similar  to the dark room Process and the light exposure is similar to dark room: the black represent the area where the paint do not go through, therefore when we would pass paint upon it, our photograph will then appeared upon the surface we placed below.


For this first workshop, the previous technical part had been made for us, therefore we directly went through the process which involved  the paints.

The silk print is then clamped and placed on a black surface called the bed that is made of rubber and designed with several lanes of small holes. When launch, these last aspire the support on what we like our print to appear, so it does not move when applying the paint. Then tapes are placed around the frame and also upon the edges of the clamps in order to prevent any paint on them.

Finally we would place paint above our frame.Then pull it towards us with the help of a squeegee.This give a print of our selected photograph made of paint. The effect is very coloured  and can give a large scale of result various and unique depending on how many time  you pass the paint over it. The more you do so, the more the paint is marked on the surface, also each passage give a  different result.

Here are my best work:

It is a really interesting way to turn photograph into painting and it can be interesting to experiment with for my cut up project. I was very pleased with the results.

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