Video art project proposal ‘Fireside Talks’

This is an art video project, titled ‘Fireside Talks’ and it will be created for online venue. My motivation is to explore the ancient art of ‘story-telling around the fire’.  In today’s modern epoch of ultra-fast technology whereby there is increased alienation from communal work-places and social gatherings, with more of us sitting alone in front of computer screens to conduct our lives. I’ll collate various voices speaking on an identical theme in a hypothetical ‘sitting around the fire’ setting. This process had a profound effect on me, bring up recollections of long forgotten places, people and incidents, thoughts and opinions, all long lost in the passing of time and life. Whilst stemming from deep nostalgia for my own culture, the video will provide  a place for multiple voices and ideas. In my intention is to show experiences which are complex and diverse, referring to a human experience of being alienated from nature. Add to this the ambiguities and complexities of this world we inhabit. How I’ll construct the scene?As technology draws away people from nature, this project by borrowing philosophies and adding contributions from various speakers, aims to reach those people through screens of their computers and to remind them that there is a natural world and human commonality thats needs to be protected.
If I do succeed in defining my key concerns and interests as an artist it should show my interest in art as a metaphoric social observation. I want to explore, interact and so react to digital media ultimately demonstrating how this can dictate the way we defines ourselves in this modern world. How?By creating consciousness about  vulnerability of our planet and by improving of human spirituality.
Also, by following Gerhard Richter’s philosophy I’ll allow myself to be led by experimentation.
“ I do not obey any intention, system or trend. I have no program, style or pretension. I love uncertainty, infinity and permanent insecurity” Gerhard Richter

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