On 10th November 2015 we were given a new project based on cut up. For this project we were asked to produce a high quality body of work supported by research, analysis and idea development refined during studio sessions, workshops and self directed study.
The context of the project is to think about how to respond and physically manipulate photographic images. We can produce the initial image or re-appropriate an existing image: photo, magazine picture, postcard, record cover etc. We were asked to produce simple conceptual work, aligning the idea to the method of production. Also our work will be assessed on its ability to convey the concept and the craftsmanship of the object. We should record our experiments and research on our blog, investigate the work of the artist mentioned in the presentation. We have been asked to make research on 3 different artists and bring several ideas for the project.

Therefore, our objective is to re appropriate photographs that we would have taken, from its physical state which we will obtain through a printing process. In order to get inspired and to understand what we are aiming for,we were shown a series of works made by different artists in relation to the Cut Up Project.





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