On 3 December 2015 we’ve got a new project called ‘Project by Proposal ‘ from our tutor Jasmine Johnson.We were asked to initiate and explore a body of work and various elements that we developed in our previous work. We were asked to write a proposal that with set out a rationale and define questions with which to approach to our practical enquiry.This doesn’t mean that we fully know what our ideas are, what we wanted to communicate and how it will communicate, at beginning of the unit – as always we should “find out things by doing them”.
We’ve had one week to write a 350 word Proposal which will establish the direction of our new large-scale video project.
The proposal is document written by myself and sets out what I plan to do for the unit and how I’m going to do it.
From this point of our careers onwards we will be writing a number of proposals and this is an opportunity to develop skills to do so.
Proposal writing should be creative activity in its own right and will not just reflect existing ideas, but help to develop new ones. Also it will help us for making future applications and proposals for opportunities after our studies.It’s a starting point to a period of study that will allow us to see how practice developed through making and reflection.


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