Artists of every genre and discipline are today encouraged to believe that globalisation is vital, even indispensable to the promotion of the artist’s work. The technological leaps and bounds provided by the Internet Age make it possible for the artist to bring him/herself, and knowledge of existence and work into the worldwide marketplace globalisation has produced.  In his book Globalisation and Culture, the author John Tomlinson advises his reader to be a cosmopolitan minded artist:
“Who must be open to the diversity of global cultures” (1. Globalisation & Culture, p186) Alas, the driving force of the recent acceleration in ‘globalisation, a process that has been going on since the Age of the Enlightenment, if not before, the Internet and access to it is in the hands of governments, corporations and not the individual. I will citing Sarah Gold, who in her lecture pointed out the inherent dangers and pit falls of the powers who control the globalization process. The mining of ‘metadata’ and the purpose and uses this information is used for. This is critical when people are not being told just who is collecting data on them, what is their goals and perhaps most vital, is what can be done with all the collected data.
“Torture the data and it will confess to anything” (2. Ronald Coase, Nobel Laureate)
Her proposed ‘Alternet’ is an interesting and exciting alternative to the usual ‘consumerism for the biggest profits at all costs’ model presently dominant – globalisation model.
I want to show although globalisation has an important, if not integral role in making the arts accessible to everyone, there are inherent perils and dangers most are totally in the dark about. It is important that such an incredibly powerful tool such as the internet is free and beyond the control of those who would use it for political, economic and cultural dominance.


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