Noel Douglas is an artist, designer, activist, writer, educator and musician. He holds a Degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Computer Related Design. Currently he am the Programme Leader for the Graphic Arts Cluster (fine art/art and design/graphic design) at theUniversity of Bedfordshire and research projects at Kingston University and London South Bank University. Also he led numerous workshops and given talks in several art schools in the rest of the UK and Europe, Asia and the USA.
Noel Douglas run a art&design studio and worked in design research at Philipps,the Computer Related Design Research Studio at theRoyal College of Art and at Amsterdam based Multimedia studio Mediamatic.




‘My teaching is informed by my research interests which are based on two main areas of interest:
The first is extending the reach, and applying the insights of the radical Semiotic theories of the Bakhtin School to Communication Art and Design. Bakhtin and his colleague Volosinov produced a framework for understanding of important questions like the nature of consciousness, how meaning is produced in context and the role of sign-making in that a process of ‘dialogical discourse’  which are richer explanatory methods than the dominant Structuralist and Post-Structuralist theories of the same issues.
The second is how Art and Design, in sometimes similar and sometimes different ways can, through actions that intervene in everyday life, alter peoples perceptions of the world, and open up new ways of thinking about the spaces we live in, in ways that are different from other forms of political activity. Whether in the creation of what Stephen Duncombe describes as Ethical Spectacles or through forms of speculative or critical design that ask us to imagine the world as different from how it is.
I collate graphic forms of resistance from around the World at graphics.occupydesign.org.uk.
I’m always happy to hear from people with similar or shared interests.’



‘Some recent exhibitions have been Disobedient Objects and Posters of Protest and Revolution at the V&A over the last year, Graphic Design Now In Production touring round the States last year, I was a finalist in the 2010 International Poster Biennial at the Wilanów Museum in Warsaw,  one of the artists in the 2008/9 Taipei Biennial in Taiwan and the curation of a group show Signs of Revolt at the Truman Brewery in London in November 2009 which surveyed the last decades best politically engaged work and included participating artists and designers such as Jonathan Barnbrook and Peter Kennard.
My work is part of the permanent collection of theBritish Museum, Museum of London and the V&A and the Center for Social and Political Graphics, Los Angeles and has toured Asia and Africa as part of the ‘Protest’ show put on by the British Council.
I write regularly for cultural publications such as Eye the International Journal of Graphic Design and my publications include, as Editor Website Graphics Now (Thames and Hudson 1999), and as Art Director, the Regime Change Begins At Home playing cards which went on to sell 30,000 copies around the world in 2003/4/5. My work has been featured in numerous articles and publications such as Adbusters magazine (Canada), Atlas magazine (USA), Art Monthly, Blueprint, Dazed and Confused, The Economist, The Guardian, Malababa (Spain), Mute, NME and Time Out.’

from http://www.noeldouglas.net


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