On 27th October 2015 we’ve got information on the new project called ‘Voice’ from our tutor Jasmine Johnson. The context is that this module will emphasise ‘the voice’ as a central consideration through which to explore moving image and it’s position within contemporary art. We should reflect on both: practical and theoretical examples to consider questions as: how can the voice be used to displace, multiply or extend a subject or scenario. Also we should think about what are effects, implications of styles of mediation appropriate from  other forms of visual culture as documentary, advertising or fiction. Also about differences between that which is seen on screen an that which resonates within viewer.

We were asked to produce a new artwork including the theme/mechanism of the voice. The voice can be made present through a multitude foe means: a written script, music, bird song, digital speech, remixed found material (from cinema, YouTube, billboards, literature etc).
Video can be a minimum of two minutes to a maximum of five minutes in duration and must demonstrate an ability to utilise relevant sound recording and video editing software.

The final work will be shown on a projected show reel public at the Alexon School of Art and Design and a private view will be held on the evening of the Final Critique day.

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