We started with learning  how to use Adobe Premier Pro CC program with our tutor Laura. I’ve taught that it’s not going to be easy with learning editorial tools, because most of them are dealing with the big differences. Last year I’ve learned a bit how to use Final Cut Pro and it was complicated as I used tutorial online.


We started with some basic keyboard adjustments, with some quick tips on Import from the File menu and learning Premiere Pro’s most important layout features: Workspace, Panel, and Panel Menu.


The first interface element we need to learn in Adobe Premiere Pro is the workspace, a collections of tools we need for a given task. On the Workspace menu (Window > Workspace), the tools are broken down into common uses such as Colour, Correction, Audio, and Editing.

DSC00434 DSC00435 DSC00436 DSC00437

When we opened the Premiere Pro CC software for the first time we saw two large video windows—the Source panel and the Program panel. The Project panel is in the left corner of the screen.

There is a comprehensive list of things we need to know. It’s a few items that caused me pain when I started with learning and using Final Cut Pro. I find Premiere Pro CC much easier and every information in this classes are useful. I can imagine how much helpful is going to be when I’ll learn properly how to use this program.

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